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As a developer who wants to publish your work or a guidebook editor you know how much work it is to create and publish a climbing guide. Let alone keeping it current. Whether it’s your local crag that you are just trying to share the word about, or whether you’re selling commercial high quality print guidebooks, theCrag can help.

In 2007 we discovered the great potential for sport climbing in the Alto Mijares region. Some years and many new routes later we were looking for a good way to publish our little gem and found Today we run a campsite and are happy to provide all climbing information for free through We also sell a customized print version based on theCrag technology at the reception.

Mirko Hochmuth Spain • Sport climber

theCrag facilitates the work and supports the interests of developers and guidebook editors. Read how theCrag can benefit you and what it takes to get started.

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Publish your latest development efforts to the world.

  • Ensure information on closed projects, work in progress and sensitive crags is shared and available to everyone.
  • Ensure proper documentation of developing & climbing history and local flavour.
  • Easy collaborative editing of all guide information, from the smallest detail of a route up to access and accommodation information for an area.
  • Easy updating by the community ensures your guidebook information stays current with little effort and at no cost.
  • Publish your data to a multi-lingual platform, making it easily accessible for your audience in their native language.
  • Automated publishing to multiple formats and mediums such as web, print, Google Earth and app.
  • Creative commons sharing friendly licensing, with the option to use specific licenses if you prefer. Contact us for commercial licensing.
  • Manage content under different copyrights, accommodating your publishing needs.
  • Easy embedding of specific information (such as recently developed routes, popular classics) on your web-page.
  • A global collaborative environment and creative commons licensing ensures that no climbing information is lost for future generations.

I came to Datca in 2011 and we developed this brand new crag with about 300 sport routes until 2016. The ease of keeping information about a crag in development current, distribute it worldwide instantly and the ability to still offer a printed version of it to climbers made me choose theCrag as the publishing platform for the guidebook.

Olivier Nicolet Switzerland • Sport climber

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  • Create an account.
  • Request editing permissions for your crags.
  • Add and edit content.
  • Contact us if you have any data available electronically (e.g. PDF, CSV).

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