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Thanks to users like you, theCrag is the world’s largest rock climbing and bouldering platform. Ensuring that a collaborative platform provides quality content for the community requires clear rules and limitations with respect to editing and contribution permissions. Some of these rules are applied automatically, others require you to take action. Read this article to find out more about user permissions on theCrag.

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Automatically obtaining permissionsBack to contents

theCrag uses a set of simple principles to determine how permissions are given automatically:

  • The more you contribute, the more extensive your permissions become.
  • The better a climbing area has been developed on theCrag, the harder it is to earn permissions to edit it.
  • Permissions to make changes that are difficult to undo (e.g. reparenting and merging) are harder to earn.

Every contribution you make, earns you Karma points. The amount of your Karma points determines which edits you are allowed to do on a certain crag. For an Emerging crag you require less Karma points than for a well developed crag to perform the same action.

Once you have reached a level of 10.000 Karma points (which essentially means you are an expert in using theCrag), you will automatically gain permission to make standard updates to almost any crag. You may still have to request Editor permissions for some actions on well-established crags, such as reparenting and merging.

Once you reach 100.000 Karma points, the system gives you permissions to make standard updates to regions as well as crags. This means you will be able to create new crags and restructure whole regions.

If you don’t want to wait until the system automatically raises your permission level, you may always request permissions manually.

Manually requesting permissionsBack to contents

If your Karma level is too low but you want to contribute right away, simply click on the Request Permission button for the crag or area you want to edit. Please add a reason for the request so we can assign the right permissions on the right level for you. Permission requests are assessed manually and are typically answered within 24 hours. Depending on the area you requested permissions for and your history on the site (e.g. Karma, number of ascents, date joined, supporter status) we may grant you permissions to a wider region than you requested so you do not have to request permissions for every crag you want to update in the future.

Request Permission button

In certain rare cases the Request Permission button might not be available for you. This is mostly true for bigger regions with lots of content and for locked crags. Please contact us if you wish to obtain permissions for these.

Permission levelsBack to contents

theCrag uses multiple permission levels, the most important ones are Editor and Coordinator. While editors are allowed to perform most actions, some more disruptive actions are limited to coordinators of an area.

If the action you want to perform is greyed out, this means you are lacking the respective permissions. Simply request them in order to continue contributing.

Greyed out Edit Buttons mean you lack permissions

Gym permissionsBack to contents

Gyms that are using the commercial version of theCrag Gym Solution do not follow the permission rules outlined above but are managed by the gym administrator. Gyms that use the free tier of theCrag Gym Solution follow the same rules.

A gym using the commercial version, it is locked for editing by regular users

Updating contentBack to contents

Many tens of thousands of hours have gone into documenting climbing areas on theCrag. Please give existing contributors respect by taking care when you add your contributions and change existing content.

We inherently trust that you are improving community information with your updates; however if this trust is broken we may reduce your permissions. Please consider it a privilege and not a right to be able to contribute and refer to the Code of Etiquette in case of doubts regarding your edits.

If you like theCrag, please consider to support it financially by becoming a supporter.

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