Indoor Gym Ascents

You nail a difficult route for the first time in a gym, you get out your phone and point it at the barcode at the base of the route. Two clicks later you have logged your ascent in theCrag and - if you wish - even shared your success on Facebook.

One of the key advantages of climbing in a gym that uses theCrag Gym Solution is the fact that you can document and analyse all your climbing activity, indoor and outdoor, in one system while keeping them clearly separated at the same time.

theCrag offers you all analytical charts, including the Climber Performance Rating (CPR) separately for indoor and outdoor. You can track your training performance indoor using the dedicated indoor boulder and/or indoor sport CPRs, compare your indoor and outdoor performance and look at climbing volumes in both, indoor and outdoor settings.

Example of Bouldering Gym CPR

If you want to log your local gym ascents then pester your gym owner, route setters and employees to get their gym to use theCrag Gym Solution. Have them fill in this form Register your Gym and we will take it from there. Seriously, do not underestimate the influence you can have on your local gym. It is not expensive for a gym to use theCrag Gym Solution and there are many benefits for gym management and climbers (see also Gym Solution by theCrag).

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