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If you are reading this article we assume you want to know how to get your gym on theCrag, otherwise if you still need convincing please read the Gym Solution by theCrag article.

Make sure you have the following information available to simply get your gym listed on theCrag for free or to later use theCrag Gym Solution:

  • Fill in the gym registration form Register your Gym to get your free listing on theCrag

To prepare for the use of theCrag Gym Solution do also the following:

  • Create a branded account on theCrag (use your gym name or a derivative of your gym name)
  • Prepare an avatar logo image for the account (dimension should be at least 200x200 and equal width and height)
  • Prepare your advertising art work according to these specs Advertiser Image Specification
  • Prepare a floor plan of your gym (see below)
  • Take photos of your gym for the image gallery associated with your gym entry.
  • Prepare information about your grading system or color scheme you use for route difficulty (see below)
  • Prepare a spreadsheet with route setters and gym administrators names, emails or their theCrag accounts if they already have them (see help - Managing Gym Permissions)
  • Prepare images of your walls for on-line topos (optional - see below)
  • Contact Us and let us know if you have any special requirement not covered currently

Once your gym is listed and we receive your contact request we will get back to you with a quote for the use of theCrag Gym Solution, provide you with more detailed information, training material and will do everything to make your move to theCrag as enjoyable as possible!

Floor planBack to contents

Ideally we would want you to create an area/route structure on theCrag which matches your floor plan. Before you start on theCrag you should have a good idea of your overall gym structure and prepared any floor plan images you want.

It is up to you to decide your structure, but typically at the top level you would create rooms (or separate main areas). You may want to create a jpeg image of your high level floor, which will be later uploaded onto your gym as an area topo to make it clear where all the main areas are.

Next you will want to divide each room (main area) into smaller areas where routes can be listed. For example this might be ropes for top roping or panels for leading or boldering. The general idea is that you only want a handful of adjacent routes listed on each low level area. This will make it easier for climbers to tick.

Once you have worked out your area structure you add routes to the lowest level areas.

GradingBack to contents

Outdoor climbing supports dozens of grading systems with a rigid color scheme for level of difficulty. For indoor climbing you can create your own color schemes and you are not tied to any grading system.

We do encourage you to use one of the standard outdoor grading systems because this means the system will know how difficult routes are and attribute the correct CPR rating to an ascent.

Topos (optional)Back to contents

Topos are used for outdoor climbing to help climbers identify routes. If it is clear what route is what in your gym then you will not need topos.

It is useful, however, to have a floor plan area topo.

Archiving routesBack to contents

Unlike outdoor climbing routes in a gym change frequently. Whenever a route is removed and reset then it can be archived, thus keeping your wall up to date on theCrag (see help - Archiving a Gym Route).

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