Stars and route quality

theCrag uses a star system to depict route quality. As you would expect for a collaborative platform, stars are based on user feedback.

Stars are assigned by the system according to the following rules:

  • Star ratings come equally from ascent quality ratings and user provided or publisher star ratings.
  • For ascent quality a one-user one-vote policy is applied. This means that if you climb a route several times only the last rating is taken into account.

If a route has no stars then this does not mean that the route is not worthy of stars. It could just mean that there have not been any ascents to assess the quality.

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While in the background theCrag calculates a route quality rating score from all ascent contributions (using the quality rating provided by each climber) on a scale of 1 to 100, it uses a 4-level star rating, from zero to three stars to display route quality.

Route quality contributions can be either entered when adding or editing a route (see also Adding and Editing Routes) or when recording ascents (see also Logging ascents). When recording ascents, you may select from a 7-level rating scale that maps as follows to the number of stars:

Stars Ascent quality score Ascent quality rating
> 75 Mega Classic
Between 58.3 and 75 Very Good
Between 41.7 and 58.3 Good
zero < 41.7 Average
Don't Bother

On top of the star rating you might look at the details of the route quality on the individual route page. This shows the number of contributions, the quality rating score and a graph with the distribution of ascent quality ratings.

Examples of route quality graphs, left for a 3-star route, right for a 1-star route

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You may also enter a star rating when adding or editing a route or through an individual grade contribution. This is especially useful if for example you developed a new area and want to assign quality ratings. If you are the only person to have entered stars as part of a grade contribution and there are no ascents then the route will adopt your star rating. In other words when you first create a new area all the stars will be what you create, and as climbers start logging ascents the quality rating will be adjusted to the genuine community sentiment.

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The grade and stars from a particular publication may be cited on the route page. theCrag only allows citing of grades and quality ratings from a particular publication if the publisher has expressed an interest to do so. Publisher contributions are listed along side of user contributions on the route page.

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