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There are countless reasons and motivations for contributing to the world’s largest rock climbing and bouldering platform. Contributing is not only good for your Karma, it also ensures continuous free access to climbing information all over the world for you and your fellow climbers.

I started climbing in 2015, for a birthday party our daughter went bouldering and liked it so much that she wanted to go again with her parents. That was my entry into the climbing life. First I only climbed indoors, later also outdoors. Meanwhile I have discovered a variety of diverse and beautiful climbing areas in 'our' Erzgebirge and elsewhere and climbed great and varied routes. Sharing this information with the community is my motivation for my involvement with theCrag.

Kuno Klemmkeil Germany • Trad climber

We and the climbing community rely on you to contribute crags, topos, routes or simply update the length of a climb or number of bolts if found missing or wrong. Simply click on the Request Permission button and become a contributor, the climbing community will be grateful.

Climbing is an activity that grows rapidly and dynamically, especially in countries like Mexico that have a lot of virgin rock and few routes. It is increasingly common to hear about cliffs that are discovered, sectors that open with new routes, even variations in the crags already developed where routes are new and undergo changes, either because holds break, extensions are made or new variants are bolted. theCrag is the platform used to discover these incredible places, it is a dynamic guide that is updated daily. It helps you explore the climbing world precisely. This is why I like to make contributions, record my ascents to monitor my progress and connect with climbers wherever I go.

Alberto Sanchez Mexico • Sport climber

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