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Once you've created a free account, there are lots of ways you can connect with the climbing world.

theCrag is not only the largest collaboratively managed climbing resource, providing free access to information on hundreds of thousands of routes and tens of thousands of topos all over the world, theCrag also allows you to connect with fellow climbers, follow your friends and heroes and monitor what is going on in your favourite crags.

As a collaborative platform, theCrag relies on you to contribute and every user with the right permissions may add crags, topos, routes or simply update the length of a climb or number of bolts if found missing or wrong. Please refer to the help articles on these topics found here for more details. Simply press the Request Permission button on the respective crag or area if you miss the rights to update information.

Participate in crag discussions using crag specific forums or message directly with fellow climbers using the platform-internal messaging system. Monitor the action at your favourite crags by marking them as such and thus receiving updates on discussions, edits and ascents.

Seeing someone tick a route that I've done particularly with favourable comments is always gratifying, or if they think it's a complete sand bag it can also be fun. It's nice to see that other people are out there doing things that you've put up, that you put your energy into that you've really enjoyed.

Adam Demmert Australia • Trad climber

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