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On any page in the top right corner you find the ubiquitous search box. Enter a search term and hit enter, the system will search for

  • Areas,
  • Climbers and
  • Routes

that match the search term and display them on the search result page by category and in the order of significance.

This significance is impacted by the popularity (e.g. how often was it searched, how many ascents does a route have) and by the current location set in the top black toolbar. Be aware that the location shown in the top black toolbar ranks results in that location higher but will also show results from other areas.

Changing search context based on crumb trail

Click on 'more' next to each respective category to see all results matching your search query.

Use the Advanced Search if you want to apply more sophisticated search criteria.

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To use theCrag Advanced Search simply click on the arrow next to the search bar on top of your search results and select the category you want to search for.

Select advanced search

If you have entered a search term, it is directly applied to the Advanced Search and the results are displayed below the filtering options. Apply filtering options to obtain the requested search results.

Click on 'Share Text' if you want to copy the results as text to e.g. post the results on Facebook.

Fast searching theCrag from your browserBack to contents

For those of you who regularly search for routes theCrag offers the option to use it as search engine directly from your browser.

ChromeBack to contents

Type into the search bar and hit Tab followed by your search query. theCrag will directly display the result page.

Firefox and Other BrowsersBack to contents

Firefox, as most other browsers, allow you to configure search engines in their settings. Simply add theCrag as search engine and enter the route name in the search field in your browser. Run the search using theCrag as search engine and theCrag will directly display the result page.

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