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Direct Ads give you a share of the advertising inventory on the web and printed PDF guides at all levels at and below your sponsored area. For example if you are a local business, you can sponsor your home area, which means your ads will be shown on the site and in the PDF guides for all crags in your home area.

The number of times your ad gets shown depends on your advertising share for the area. For example, if there are two sponsors paying $100.- a month to sponsor the same crag, they will receive an equal share of banners. If one sponsor is paying $200.- a month and the other is paying $100.-, the first ad will receive ⅔ of the banners and the other ad will receive ⅓.

Your advertising share at a region level will be split across all the crags within the region and this is weighted by 'crag kudos'. For example if Arapiles represented 10% of the 'kudos' of Australia, then when looking at pages within Arapiles an ad for $100 at Arapiles would have an equal share with a $1000 ad placed at Australia. But the ad at Australia would of course be seen at every other crag outside Arapiles as well.

You can choose to have a wide reaching ad, or a very focused ad, or a mix targeting different regions.

On the web and mobile your ad will link to any url you nominate.

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Please note that due to the static nature of PDF's the ad share described above is true across all generated PDF's, but may not be reflected in a particular generated PDF.

Example PDF: Declaration crag in Arapiles (~3MB)

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Please provide two versions of your ad, one in portrait (1472 x 2080) and one in landscape (2080 x 1472). We will select the best orientation and optionally scale these down depending on medium. For instance on the web the portrait will be shown in at 230 x 162, or on high resolution devices at 460 x 326.

For best results design your ads to work at a range of sizes, and bear in mind these will often be printed. Please avoid small text that may not be legible on the web.

Images can be provided in either JPEG or PNG format and should be high quality images, we will take care of optimizing them for each medium.

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