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Once you have connected your thecrag account with your Facebook account acents logged in may also be logged in your Facebook Wall. This service is selectable on a per ascent basis as you log an ascent.

To setup this service you must:

  • Log in to your account;

  • Click on the 'My Account' tab;

  • Select Action > Facebook Connect; and

  • Follow prompts.

Note you will be asked by Facebook to grant the application (known as '' on Facebook) permissions to publish on your wall. If you don't give the application permission then the service cannot be activated on your account.

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Once setup, every time you log an ascent you will have the option post the ascent on your Facebook Wall. The ascent must have been made in the last 10 days.

The post for each ascent will look something like this:

Sample ascent post on Facebook

Posts will also have a link to a climb, so your friends will be able to see what you have climbed.

Privacy PolicyBack to contents is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers. The following policy discusses how personal information received by will be dealt with in respect to the '' application on Facebook.

The application seeks permission to publish entries you make on on your Facebook Wall account. We will only publish as per your settings on your thecrag account.

The service collects your account number and account name so that may interface to your Facebook account. This is stored securily in our system. This information is not passed on to any third party unless requested by the user, required to by law or as the direct fulfilment of the offered service.

We may use this information to help provide additional services offered by

You may disable the service either at by using the 'Facebook Connect' button on your Account page or directly in Facebook by deselecting the application permissions.

SupportBack to contents

You may contact support email (support @ if you require any support for this service.

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