Jafni Jamaludin

Malaysia • Sport climber
  • Grade context: UK
  • Ascents: 301
  • Member since: 2019
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Living the versatile climbing life

Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Red point
94 8b/b+ Bada Bing! about a year ago
61 7b Ton Sai Playboy 11 weeks ago
14 7b Lord of the Thais about a year ago
79 7a+ Wake & Bake 12 weeks ago
7a+ Superstition 12 weeks ago
7a+ Purple Leaf about a year ago
Boulder Send
14 V7 One move too hard 2 years ago
20 V5 Golden Dream 4 years ago
8 V4 The meme maker about a year ago
Trad Tick
1 7b Polish Princess 5 months ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Batu Caves
142 8b/b+ Bada Bing! about a year ago
Bukit Keteri, Perlis
35 8a+ Sur le chemin de Zezette about a year ago
Bukit Takun
26 7c Cunning Linguist 2 years ago
Ton Sai
18 7c Baby Gorilla 11 weeks ago
7c Tidal Wave 11 weeks ago
Gunung Keriang
14 7c Blinded By Ego 6 months ago

Climber Performance Rating (CPR) Timelines

For help understanding the CPR timeline chart see the CPR timeline explained article.

Sport timeline (ascents)

Boulder timeline (ascents)

grade pyramids

Sport 247 ascents

8b 1
8a+ 1
8a 5
7c+ 4
7c 6
7b+ 8
7b 9
7a+ 12
7a 27
6c+ 11
6c 25
6b+ 20
6b 42
6a+ 31
6a 24
5c+ 7
5c 13
5b+ 1
  Onsight   Flash   Red point   Pink point   Tick   Other

Grades: French

Boulder 39 ascents

V7 1
V6 2
V5 3
V4 10
V3 13
V2 8
V1 2
  Onsight   Flash   Send   Other

Grades: V-Scale

Trad 1 ascent

7b 1
  Tick   Other

Grades: French

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