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Tue 24 Nov

Laurence Judd updated an area at Mount Barker Summit. 10 4 minutes ago

Updated the area Little Arapiles.

Max de Majnik ticked 2 routes at Canberra. • 3268 2 Points 20 minutes ago

V6 Ares Boulder 3mVery Good

V4 Hades RH Variant Boulder 3mVery Good

harrie van de linde onsighted a route at Arapiles and mentioned zac. • 2233 1 Point about an hour ago

18 Aardvark Trad 18mVery Good

Really nice, good small cams , take flake up top — with zac

edited some routes, an area and some topos at Froggatt Edge. 255 about an hour ago

Updated the area Froggatt Edge.
Updated node location.
Created the route Unknown Trad Route.

Added tag 'Crack'.


The obvious crack next to 'Streetwise'.

Starts narrow and progressively widens to Camalot #4-5 at the top.

First ascent unknown, but surely has been done before.

Updated the route 17 Pyro Pete.

Changed number of bolts from '6' to '7'.

Anthony Cuskelly onsighted 4 routes and climbed 23 other routes at Arapiles and mentioned Oliver Adams. • 2437 3 Points about an hour ago

Onsighted 4 routes, red pointed 6 routes, rope soloed a route, top roped 5 routes, dogged 2 routes, seconded 2 routes, attempted 2 routes, worked a route, retreated from a route and ticked 3 routes - full details.

Troy McAndrew onsighted 3 routes and climbed 4 other routes at Flinders Peak (limited access) and mentioned Torren Lamont. • discuss about an hour ago

19 Catastrophist Sport 20mVery Good — with Torren Lamont.

25 Metamorphosis Sport 22mVery Good

Felt really solid all the way up to the big throw move. Took a few whips there and also at the top. Definitely high end 25, almost feels like a 26. Overall great climb I would come back for. — with Torren Lamont

22 Covid-22 Sport 22mVery Good — with Torren Lamont.

24 Apocalypto Sport 25mVery Good

Definitely pumpy. — with Torren Lamont

17 History Never Repeats Sport 30mGood — with Torren Lamont.

25 It's Business Time Sport 25mClassic

Climbed in one big pitch from the ground resting on the 17 anchors. Most bomber beautiful orange rock of the crag. — with Torren Lamont

started this discussion about a day ago.

Hell yeah nice Troy! Looks like an excellent day man!

Troy McAndrew replied about a day ago.

Thanks man! Tamati Kennedy

Anna Vo replied about a day ago.

You madman that’s awesome!

Antoine Chandonnet replied about an hour ago.

Bloody good job Troy! I agree about rock quality on this route, I almost felt like licking it.

22 Welcome To The Thunderdome Sport 22mVery Good

Great little climb. Keen to try the others in this sector. — with Torren Lamont

Kris Penn red pointed 2 routes and climbed 5 other routes at Launceston (Cataract) Gorge and mentioned Hannah Rose and . • discuss about an hour ago

25 Mini Mayhem Trad 9mVery Good — with Hannah Rose.

25 Mini Mayhem Trad 9mVery Good — with Hannah Rose.

25 Mini Mayhem Trad 9mVery Good

Good to finally get the send on this after learning how to fall at the top out so well — with Hannah Rose

EJ Budarick started this discussion about an hour ago.


27 Spunky Monkey Sport 7m, 2

First burn today and got the send — with Tommy Krauss

EJ Budarick started this discussion about an hour ago.

yew!!! crushing!

Kris Penn replied about an hour ago.

thanks Em, was feeling unstoppable 😅

V7 Urak Hai BoulderClassic

Few burns to sus beta

V7 Urak Hai BoulderClassic

V7 Urak Hai BoulderClassic

more of a hang start now due to erosion, specy mantle top out has all the chilli on it..... today was a good day

Aidan Cox started this discussion 12 hours ago.

Holy shit dude! What a day for you. I want what you had for brekky 😂

Patrick Munnings replied 4 hours ago.

YAYAYAYAYAYA beastmode! please continue not working! this is sick!

Kris Penn replied about an hour ago.

Haha thanks fam, definitely the best day of climbing I've had, no chance of heading back to work anything soon Patty boy

MR x, , JSBC, nate foster, Peter Martland, Mark Gamble, Scott Hailstone, michael webber and Rett Fenosa deleted 2 messages at Minto. • about an hour ago

nate foster logged a warning 7 weeks ago. Active

Fixed Gear Tampering with bolts

Someone has been tampering with bolts so be careful. Check bolts

Be warned that landowners have been coming and take a photos of climbers and they could be published in local newspapers.

MR x replied 10 days ago.

I was told that this area was closed to climbing. WHat's the go?

Rett Fenosa replied 10 days ago.

It is closed to using the bolts, and actually top roping pretty much goes against what was recommended in the biodiversity study that ACAC did back in June. I understood it was all to be put on hold until everything was sorted. These idiots using the bolts

... more

replied 10 days ago.


JSBC replied 10 days ago.

Bloody numptys using bolts trying to be all safe! Back in my day we free soloed everything in massive hiking boots like real men after a 6 pack of tinnies.

nate foster replied 10 days ago.

Not sure what the go is but be careful I saw some older guys out there in the bush taking photos of girls the other day and being creepy. If that was happening at the beach I'm sure the police would want to know

MR x replied 9 days ago.

I am confused if the area is closed how come people are still climbing there? The info the area on this site shows continual climbing since June and about a dozen in the last week or so.( Not counting those who may have been and not recorded their climbs

... more

Peter Martland replied 8 days ago.

Mr x is trolling. Go away mr x.

Mark Gamble replied 8 days ago.

Aawww carmon Pete, where's the welcome mat? Mr. X joined specifically so he could drop little bombs like this.

It's probably Robbie or Tony?

replied 8 days ago.

This comment has been removed.

replied 8 days ago.

This comment has been removed.

Scott Hailstone replied 7 days ago.

My money is on Trevor

MR x replied 23 hours ago.

HAd a friend visit Minto to check out it out for the first time. He found a black aluminium device/pole. Not knowing what it was he took it to a climbing shop and was told it was a cheat stick or clip stick. The guy at the store explained it was used to

... more

michael webber replied 20 hours ago.

Hi mr X it appears you have taken my stick clip from Minto I would very much like it back please? Or if you know where I can get it that would also help. Thank you

MR x replied 19 hours ago.

hi Michael - just called my mate and he said he has already put your cheat stick back in the same place he found it - did you mean to leave it up there??

Mark Gamble replied 16 hours ago.

Whoohoo! Nice work Tony!!! Go on a fishing expedition and reel them in!

michael webber replied 16 hours ago.

Wow that’s awesome, thank you. I left it for my mate to use and then he left it out there I’ll make sure I or someone I know gets it ASAP. Once again thanks

Peter Martland replied 2 hours ago.

Grow up Mr x. This is pathetic. Have you graduated to long pants yet?

nate foster replied about an hour ago.

That is so stupid childish and completely made up. Oh yes someone took a stick clip all the way to a climbing shop to find out what is is then returned it to the place they found it. This makes no sense considering they didn't know what it was but clearly

... more

Mark Gamble replied about an hour ago.

All joking aside, it was nice to meet your friend Dave there last week and please pass on my regards.

Dave Graham Community profile logged 2 ascents from the past at Grampians. • discuss about an hour ago

29 Tyranny Sport 12m, 4 — Thu 7th Jun 2012

V13 Ammagamma Boulder — Tue 13th Sep 2011

Evan Wells started this discussion about an hour ago.

When u cant get important people to care .... become them.

updated a route at Mt Ku-ring-gai. • 2 hours ago

Updated the route 14 President Dump.

Changed name from 'Presidential Dump' name 'President Dump'.

Simon Vaughan added Chippendale to their favorites. • 2 hours ago

pink pointed a route and climbed 2 other routes at Blue Mountains and mentioned Eamonn. • discuss 2 hours ago

25 Kizashi Sport 20m, 12Classic

Warmed up on the first 4 bolts before going to the top bolt to bolt. Managed the crux first shot but required some thinking time for the move to the anchors.

25 Kizashi Sport 20m, 12Classic

Couldn’t really remember my beta and did not have anything dialled but went for it anyway and got the result. Awesome shouldery moves with positive footholds throughout. Love this wall. 2nd go. Stoked with that. — with Eamonn

Mike Daws started this discussion about a day ago.

Nice one Joe!! 👍

replied 2 hours ago.

Thanks mate. Phenomenal cliff ey!

14 Sweet Dreams Mixed trad 120m, 20Classic

Thanks Eamonn for the experience. Also placed my first piece of trad gear on this climb!

Thao red pointed 3 routes and lead a route at Camels Hump. • discuss 2 hours ago

13 Skippy Sport 25m, 5

15 Gary's groove Sport 15m, 5

15 Summer Breeze Sport 15m, 4

16 Wishful Thinking Mixed trad 21m, 1Good

Giles Foster started this discussion 17 hours ago.

You only did 1 trad climb with that beautiful shiny trad rack of yours?

Thao replied 2 hours ago.

Yep but we’re going again this weekend!😁

Bernie Walsh pink pointed 2 routes and dogged 2 routes at Flinders Peak (limited access). • 2804 2 Points 2 hours ago

24 Blood Moon Sport 25m

attempted warm up.

24 Blood Moon Sport 25m

definitely wasn't warmed up.

24 Blood Moon Sport 25m

Nice to put this together properly. Took longer than it should have. Good moves and fun climbing.

21 Nostrildamus Sport 25mClassic

Tricky in spots. Fun.

Crimpin' aint easy onsighted a route at Froggatt Edge. • 1903 1 Point 3 hours ago

16 Bonne Anne Sport 20m, 7Very Good

Ricardo Herrera red pointed 2 routes at San Antonio and mentioned Balta Sáenz. • 2091 2 Points 3 hours ago

5.10a Crisol Sport 12mVery Good — with Balta Sáenz.

5.10b Bonanza Sport 16mVery Good — with Balta Sáenz.

Alex Riegelman rope soloed a route at Blue Mountains. • discuss 3 hours ago

24 Oranges Poranges Mixed trad 45m, 10Classic

I think the climbing and rock are probably 2 stars but the exposure and overall position are easily 3 stars. When the wall cuts away beneath you right as you get to the belay... you really start questioning your choices. Why do I do this? Why do I choose to put myself in these situations? Why is this still kinda scary even though I'm still on the rap line?

Definitely worth the walk out there.

Paul Thomson started this discussion 3 hours ago.

Nice one, bud. Gonna go back for the lead?

Peter Jeavons edited some routes at Wedderburn Cave. 85 4 hours ago

Created the route V13 The Sanctuary.

Reverse Rodeo Clown the whole way into Anger Management.

Route history.
First ascent: Roman Hofmann
Updated the route V13/14 Necessary Evolution.
Updated beta description.

Reverse Rodeo Clown the whole way andinto then climb Yo Mama.

Peter Jeavons edited some routes at Black Cave. 85 4 hours ago

Created the route V11 Plunge Pool Variant.

The Plunge into Cruel Sea.

Updated the route V11 Plunge Pool.
Updated beta description.
The Plunge into the Lower Lip Traverse. The Plunge into Aquarius.
Edited route history.
First ascent: Roman Hofmann

Dave Ceciliano onsighted a route and red pointed 2 routes at El Potrero Chico. • 1934 6 Points 4 hours ago

5.10a Putas de Fuego Sport 30m, 10Very Good

5.9 Las Chimuelas Sport 90mVery Good

1 5.9 295ft lead by Dave Ceciliano
2 5.9 lead by Dave Ceciliano
3 5.8 lead by Dave Ceciliano

A straight line to get to the Estrellitas summit, makes even more sense somehow than the normal route.

Easy to link up with few quickdraws, used 11 quickdraws and a 70-meter rope to link the 2 pitches.

This start reduces the amount of time and effort considerably if you want to do Estrellitas.

If you decide to use the first anchors, these are somehow camouflaged, once you stopped seeing your belayer check the grey wall to the right, they will be located in a runout stairway section.

1 5.7 220m lead by Dave Ceciliano
2 5.7 lead by Dave Ceciliano

Lee OGrady lead 9 routes at Mangorewa. • 2641 3 Points 5 hours ago

17 Double Happy Sport 25m, 10Classic

17 Gunpowder, Treason and Plot Sport 27m, 13Good

19 Springbok Sushi Sport 20m, 8Good

23 The Widow Maker Sport 35m, 15Very Good

21 Chuffa Chuffa Toot Toot Sport 35mVery Good

1 21 15m
2 21 20m

17 The Chickenator Sport 20m, 9Good

17 Popping Tags Sport 20m, 8Good

19 Speedcross Sport 20m, 8Good

Kai Watkins logged an ascent from the past at Grampians. • 3072 5 hours ago

Mon 23 Nov

updated some routes at Salt Lake City. 180 about a minute ago

Updated the route 5.7 Take Me to the River.

Added number of pitches '1'. — Added number of bolts '6'.

Updated the route 5.8 Haven't a Clue.

Added number of pitches '1'. — Added number of bolts '6'. — Changed style from 'unknown' to 'sport'.

Edited route history.
1991First ascent:
Updated the route 5.6 The Lion of Zion.

Changed style from 'unknown' to 'trad'.

Updated the route 5.9 A Modest Man from Mandrake.

Changed style from 'unknown' to 'sport'.

Updated the route 5.9 Hyper-Gamma Spaces.

Changed style from 'unknown' to 'trad'.

Updated the route 5.6 Little Critters.

Changed style from 'unknown' to 'trad'.

Updated the route 5.11c Little Creatures.

Changed style from 'unknown' to 'trad'.

Updated the route 5.13b Cross-Eyed and Painless.

Changed style from 'unknown' to 'sport'.

Updated the route 5.11d The Ain't no Party, This Ain't No Disco.

Changed style from 'unknown' to 'trad'.

edited some routes at Chiva. 480 11 minutes ago

Created 14 routes - full details.

nacho valenciano, and commented in the discussion Group Alboy and Bellus together at Alboy. • 12 minutes ago

nacho valenciano started this discussion 13 hours ago.

Group Alboy and Bellus together

I think it's logical to group Alboy and Bellus together because they are all accessible from the same parking lot.

replied 13 hours ago.

In general that is a good rule of thumb. Same parking lot-> same crag but different sectors.

replied about an hour ago.

nacho valenciano Actually, I think Altet-Aventador is not such an easy case.

Yes, both places are quite close to each other. Bellus and Alboy are in different "comarcas", though, in the C.V. and thus also the crags.

  • Bellus, [Valle de
... more

nacho valenciano replied 12 minutes ago.

How about creating a new area called Bellus-Genoves and place everything nearby under it? Once we have this common parent area, we could add description, sun/shade information, etc

Bethan Davies-Williams logged 5 ascents from the past at Lawrencefield Quarry. • 2259 28 minutes ago

E1 5b Great Peter Trad 20m — Mon 21st Sep 2020

VS 4c Great Harry Trad 22m — Mon 21st Sep 2020

E2 5c Suspense Trad 20m — Mon 21st Sep 2020

VS 4c Excalibur Trad 20m — Mon 21st Sep 2020

HVS 5a Meringue Trad 10m — Mon 21st Sep 2020

VikM edited a route and some topos at Oberharz. 1600 28 minutes ago

Created 17 topos and updated 1 route - full details.

Bethan Davies-Williams logged 11 ascents from the past at North Wales. • 2409 34 minutes ago

S 4a Christmas Curry Trad 60m — Thu 16th Jul 2020Mega Classic

VS Seamstress Trad 20m — Sun 19th Jul 2020

6a+ Orangutang Overhang Sport 12m — Sun 19th Jul 2020

5b Steps of Glory Sport 15m, 5 — Sun 19th Jul 2020

5b Rack and Pin Sport 11m, 6 — Sun 19th Jul 2020

5c The Mallard Sport 12m, 6 — Sun 19th Jul 2020

6a The Railway Children Sport 10m, 7 — Sun 19th Jul 2020

HS 4a Tennis Shoe Trad 160m — Thu 17th Sep 2020Mega Classic

even pitches

S Lazarus Trad 43m — Thu 17th Sep 2020

both pitches

S 4b Groove Above Trad 24m — Thu 17th Sep 2020

Pam updated some areas at Closed Springfield Gorge. 20 about an hour ago

Updated the area Closed Southeast.
Updated the area Closed Southwest.