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  • Started: 12 weeks ago on Thu 22nd Feb 2024

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andrew choi started this discussion 12 weeks ago.

Partner Wanted for South Korea

Hello! I'll be traveling through Korea in April-May, and I'm looking for partners to climb with. I mostly sport climb but would be down to boulder! My climbing grades are around v8 and 5.12c.

replied 10 weeks ago.

Hi, I will be arriving in Seoul on the 16th May. Also looking for a partner. I mainly sport climb 6a / 6b and project 6c.

I'll be there a bit later in your trip, but I hope we can climb together. In the meantime let me know how the climbing goes there.

Mikey Song replied 6 weeks ago.

Hey there! Does anyone know if there is a guidebook for climbing in South Korea? Currently looking for more information around Seoul. Thanks!

replied 6 weeks ago.

There's a book called Climb. Google "climb rock climbing in korea guidebook pdf” . The first result should give you a free download of the book.

replied 5 weeks ago.

Good way to connect is using the Facebook Groups Climbing Hub Korea or Busan Climbers - with some luck Dong-il Ryou will reply - the "godfather" of Korean climbing and author of the book mentioned above - he's very eager to help and connect people typically - enjoy climbing in Korea, it is just amazing!

Mikey Song replied 5 weeks ago.

Thank you so much for the info! Found the guidebook, hoping to climb Insubong. One step closer!

replied 5 weeks ago.

Mikey Song When will you be in Korea?

Mikey Song replied 5 weeks ago.

Approximately 28th December, 2024. For 2-3weeks. I'm currently living in Tasmania, Australia.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Mikey Song That's gonna be mid winter mate. I believe that there will be some ice climbing in Korea.

Otherwise, I would think a south facing crag on a sunny day in the south, say near to Busan would be the way to go for rock.

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