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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Dy herë mat
SportProject 35m, 13
SportProject 50m, 20
9b The Dream

A pure resistance route. Video.

Set: Adam Ondra, 2018

FFA: Sébastien Bouin, 16 Dec 2019

Sport 50m
8c+ Four for Glory
Sport 40m, 20
7c Pop-Eye-s
Sport 12m, 6
SportProject 17m, 10
Project (2)
SportProject 30m
6b+ Nothing is Kung Fu
Sport 10m, 6
7c Waves
Sport 28m, 12
7a Suprise Pace Koke
Sport 15m, 8
7c Suprise Pace Koke ext.
Sport 23m, 15
6c Panda Benz
Sport 20m, 13
6c+ Bacini
Sport 20m, 12
6c Niente Sole
Sport 20m, 12
6a Flying Glue Gun
Sport 23m, 9
8a+ The palace of dreams
SportProject 25m, 14
8a+ Sfinimento
Sport 30m, 16
8a+ To be or not to bolt
Sport 28m, 12
8a Tramonto sull'Adriatico
Sport 18m, 8
7a+ Mazzacano
Sport 15m, 8
Way of broccoli
SportProject 11
Long way of broccoli
Power on the edge
7c The Rolling Stone
Sport 18m, 10
7a+ Chronicle in stone
Sport 20m, 9
6c Jack it
Sport 13m, 9
6a Snake Dance
Sport 10m, 6
6c+ Shift Worker
Sport 20m, 11
7a Fluterer
Sport 20m, 10
6b+ Biskotas
Sport 18m, 9
6b+ Misery Bread
Sport 17m, 8
6c+ Fashionista
Sport 17m, 10
7a Now or never
Sport 12m, 5
8a+ Rock and wall
Sport 37m, 15
SportProject 28m, 12
7c Gëzuar 2006
Sport 24m, 13
7b+ Shi-shi
Sport 23m, 11
6b Shumë e shijshme
Sport 15m, 9
6c Mad world
Sport 37m, 16

Showing all 39 routes.

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