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Madaba & Karak

CAUTION: it's a famous area for canyoning if you're climbing in the canyons always keep an eye open for people coming from above.

Deadsea Canoyns
Deadsea Canoyns
Wadi Jazara

A dry canyon

Deadsea Canoyns Wadi Jazara
5c Jazarat Umm Ammar

450m (horizontally) dry canyon

  • Approach from the street walk around a 100m, climb a little 6m boulder.

  • 25m (4a climb) hard to protect (nuts)

  • Climb few easy boulders (3-7m) pass side to a little tiny water lake

  • Very very nice secure chimney (5a), 25m, hard to protect (thread, .5, .75 cams)

  • Boulders and walk again in a corridor for a 100m

  • Climb the Crux 5c, 30m, chimney, ok protection (.4 - 4 cams, threads, nuts), rock can be loose in some sections.

All the climbs have very good 2 glue-ins at the end (The quick links are not certified, good for static loads only)

Decent, you can walk off north and down all the way back to dead sea street, or walk south up to panorama st. But it's more enjoyable to just reverse the route.

Deadsea Canoyns
Caramel cliffs

"Caramel Cliffs", due to their colour, and as it creates positive emotions amongst potential future guests.

Bolted using titanium bolts, salt water resistant certified ones. So they really can be expected to last Long.

Src and more info

Deadsea Canoyns Caramel cliffs
4b High below the Sea
1st pitch 30m 3c
10 bolts (plus belay stations with 2 bolts each) 40m Walking.
2nd pitch 15m 4b
3 bolts (plus belay stations with 2 bolts each)
5c Palm Tree Climber
Dead Sea Skull

Few bouldery moves of the ground, to a shared anchor on top of the rock Use an extended anchor with proper rope protection from the sharp rock to setup top ropes.

Deadsea Canoyns Caramel cliffs Dead Sea Skull
4c Lonely Bolt

plus top anchor consisting of 2 bolts You climb the left side around

3b The Old Way

only top anchor consisting of 2 bolts with traditional rock stairs

5c Salt and Pepper

plus top anchor consisting of 2 bolts

6b+ Sunset hang

Overhang north face of the deadsea skull rock, climb up and right to get the grade, there’s a slightly easier alternative going left on the face

6a+ Skull face

Overhang west face of the deadsea skull rock, climb up and left avoiding the pigeons nest on the right side

Deadsea Canoyns
Wadi Himara

A cayon hike, very nice as a hike on it's own. And now, you can climb !

Wadi al-Mujib

Mujib Adventure Center offers 3 climbing routes of an easy to moderate levels. The routes are 10m to 15m high set up for top rope climbing or lead climb

Deadsea Canoyns Wadi al-Mujib
Hidan Valley

Plenty of potential in this area, for deep water solo in the many pools, and multiple big cliffs.

Hidan Valley
AlMashrou3 waterfall
Hidan Valley AlMashrou3 waterfall
5c Omali

Rock can be loose, and the water might not be very deep sometimes, so check and take care.

Wieda Slabs
Wieda Slabs
Weida left

4 bolted lines

Wieda Slabs Weida left
4b project
4b downclimb1

solo downclimb

4b - c Yellow submarine
5b Sea Shell
5a+ No risk no fun
5a Run Shadi Run
4c Postman


4b Twins in mind
4b Downclimb2

solo downclimb

Wieda Slabs
Kerak / Wieda Slabs

slabs, easy, shady till 12:00.

multiple anchors and first bolts had been replaced by glue-in bolts on January 2021 via trainers from ENSA School.

Wieda Slabs Kerak / Wieda Slabs
4a Master

Located in the small Slab on the left

4a+ Samra

Located in the Small slab on the left

5a Wolfs vacation
4c Marcs office
4b Shadi Galaya
4b lord of the flies
4b khuzug aswad
4c Hanthala
4c Tag3

anchor replaced with glue-in bolts , maillon and/or connecting cord might be missing

6c Bidaya Saaba

anchor replaced with glue-in bolts , maillon and/or connecting cord might be missing

5a 4 JD

anchor replaced with glue-in bolts , maillon and/or connecting cord might be missing

4c Min el Akher

anchor replaced with glue-in bolts , maillon and/or connecting cord might be missing

5b Runout

10 quickdraws. Descend: 3 abseils same route or top out.

Pitch 1 (5b)

Pitch 2 (4c)

Pitch 3 (4b)

As of Mar 30/2019, all anchor stations have two bolts connected by a chain and a rap ring. It is possible to descend the route in three rappels. Alternatively, if you prefer to walk off, you can top out about 5m past the last (third) anchor station. Then traverse to the left across the "summit" and descend via a scree slope next to the face. Be careful of loose rock.

4b Les Pirates
4c - 5a Moby Dick

pitons + slings are needed

Wieda Slabs
Dieu Ludik

4-5b (Trad.)


In the shade in the morning. Limestone rock compact and well carved in climbs.


Sector 1
Ay-Kathraba Sector 1
6a Smash it

Fully bolted, good anchor

6a+ Nothing New to the West

Fully bolted, good anchor

Djouma al B'doul

The cliff is right on a farmer's land, please avoid walking on plowed land and stepping on barley planets.

الارض مزروعة شعير، يرجى توخي الحذر وعدم المشي علي الارض المحروثة.

Ay-Kathraba Djouma al B'doul
6a+ Ahlam Hamadah

Was originally top-ropeed by Wilfried, bolted and renamed Mar, 2020 by Aboud Hijazi, Ahlam and Hamadah.

5c+ Sweet but Psycho

Was originally bolted by Wilfried, rebolted and renamed Mar, 2020 by Aboud Hijazi, Farah, Safa and Nadeen.

6b Docker
6b Panther Path

High first bolt

5c It's ok safa
5b Ras Jameed راس جميد
6a+ A'laa Zo'ubie
7a+ Krack
7b+ Krack direct

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