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About me

My first contact with climbing was during my membership in the mountain rescue of Baden-Württemberg from 1996 until 2000. Unfortunately my former best friend died in 1998 because of a climbing accident at the 'Kompostfels'. After that horrible event I didn't climb very much and sold my gear after the turn of the millennium.

On a birthday party in 2008 we talked about all the new climbing gyms and we decided to see if I'm still able to climb. After the first session, it was autumn, I decided to carry on and the challenge was to lead a VI until spring. I succeeded and since then I'm really keen to climb everything I'm able to.

My home crag (area) is the upper Danube valley between Beuron and Sigmarigen in Germany. I really enjoy sport climbing but this is just training for classic trad multi pitches.

Notable ascents

By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
519 7+ Ohne Namen 3 years ago
414 6b Lucky Luke 8 months ago
362 6b Lucky Luke 8 months ago
186 7- Tears of Love 2 years ago
7- Im Reich Des Eisbären 2 years ago
7- Rhabarberkuchen 3 years ago
8 7 Bierkante 12 days ago
Red point
34 7- Pfeiler 8 months ago
7- Troubadour 3 years ago
7- Ruckzuck 3 years ago
Pink point
14 6a Provaci ancora Marco... 2 years ago
6a I Soliti Ignoti 3 years ago
6aEinführung in die Physik 4 years ago
31 7-Fallender Tropfen 4 years ago
38 7 Südpfeiler 2 years ago
By style Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
455 7+ Ohne Namen 3 years ago
59 7 Diedro Martini 3 years ago
Deep water solo
5 6a Orifice Party about two years ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
256 7+ Ohne Namen 3 years ago
27 6+ Halbe Sechse about a year ago
6+ Puchtariss 3 years ago
La Sfinge
19 6a+ Occhio al didiedro 2 years ago
Finale Ligure
18 6a In scio bolesomme 2 years ago
6a Marinela 2 years ago
6aAntonella 2 years ago
17 6bNasobem 6 years ago

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