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Autore/i: L. Zybell, G. Krug

Data: 2023

Climbing near Dresden does not necessarily mean trad climbing in the Elbe Sandstone - this climbing guide presents all the sport climbing crags near Dresden / Coswig / Pirna quarries / Mulde valley near Freiberg / southern Müglitz valley

Aree: Müglitztal , Dresden und Umgebung , Dippoldiswalder Heide , Freiberger Mulde- und Bobritzschtal

Autore/i: Ulrich Röker and Harald Röker

Data: 2024

ISBN: 9783938680537

A comprehensive guidebook describing the rock climbing in the Allgäu region in southern Germany and northern Austria, covering over 2,400 routes, including the Oberallgäu area.

Aree: Allgäu

Autore/i: Ulrich Röker and Harald Röker

Data: 2024

ISBN: 9783938680544

A comprehensive guidebook covering the southern half of the Frankenjura rock climbing area describing more than 7,500 routes.

Aree: Frankenjura Süd

Autore/i: G. Krug

Data: 2023

All climbing opportunities in Berlin and Brandenburg / Climbing on bunkers, on bridges, in ruins, on climbing towers, on boulders and on Rothstein Rock

Aree: Berlin , Brandenburg

Autore/i: A. Pasold, J. Widmaier

Data: 2023

All of Stuttgart's "after-work areas" - whether real rock, brick, concrete or plastic / presented areas: Hessigheim rock gardens, rocks in the Nagold valley, Renningen quarry, Stetten quarry

Aree: Großraum Stuttgart , Nagoldtal

Autore/i: Christoph Klein & Jürgen Winkler

Data: 2023

ISBN: 978-3-95611-182-2

Aree: Oberbayern

Autore/i: Adi Stocker

Data: 2014

ISBN: 978-3-95611-022-1

On the 44,000 meters of climbing researched for this book, epochal alpine milestones mingle with enjoyable new route creations. Climbing legends such as Albert Precht, Klaus Hoi and Heinz Zak comment on their passion for steep rock. Routes by climbing greats from long ago, such as Angelo Dibona or Hias Rebitsch, have been accurately recorded in line with modern requirements. There is also plenty of space dedicated to new routes secured with bolts by creative talents such as Ralf Sussmann, Rudi Kühberger and the author himself. 40 long routes with at least 20 pitches, where you can clip bolts in keeping with the spirit of the times, but sometimes also have to make do with rusty protection.

Aree: Oberbayern

Autore/i: M. Stadler

Data: 2023

The Climbing Guidebook Bavarian Alps Volume 1 - Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden including Kampenwand is part of a three-volume series

Aree: Chiemgau , Berchtesgadener Land

Autore/i: H. Wundlechner

Data: 2023

The climbing guidebook Konstein contains all the climbing possibilities in Konstein, Wellheim and Dollnstein

Aree: Konstein , Klettersteinbruch Möhren

Autore/i: Achim Pasold & Ronald Nordmann

Data: 2021

Aree: Lenninger Alb , Ostalb , Reutlinger Alb , Uracher Alb

Autore/i: J. Richter, S. Tittel

Data: 2022

Aree: Westpfalz

Autore/i: T. Lamprecht

Data: 2017

Aree: Kochel

Autore/i: R. Gemza, M. Oswald, C. Pfanzelt

Data: 2021

Aree: Wettersteingebirge

Autore/i: J. Brüderl, R.Kühberger

Data: 2020

Aree: Watzmann

Autore/i: B. Arnold

Data: 2017

Der Kletterführer bietet den ultimativen Überblick über die großen klassischen Kletterwege an den bis zu 100 Meter hohen Felsen des Elbsandsteingebirges.

Aree: Sächsische Schweiz

Autore/i: A. Pasold, F. Rademacher

Data: 2016

Aree: Ostalb

Autore/i: A. Schuster

Data: 2018

Aree: Vogtland

Autore/i: Ulrich & Harald Röker

Data: 2020

Volume 2 of the Climbing Guidebook Franken describes 6790 routes on 387 crags - the complete work, including Volume 1, offers information about more than 13,500 routes.

Aree: Frankenjura Nord

Autore/i: Ulrich & Harald Röker

Data: 2023

ISBN: 9783938680490

Volume 1 of the Climbing Guidebook Franken describes 6450 routes on 479 crags - the complete work, including Volume 2, offers information about more than 13,500 routes.

Aree: Frankenjura Nord

Autore/i: Florian Wenter & Lorenz Delago

Data: 2017

ISBN: 9783956110733

A selective guidebook covers the best bouldering areas in the central Alps across Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy, including Magic Wood and Mello.

Aree: Allgäu , Kochel

Autore/i: Florian Wenter

Data: 2017

ISBN: 9783956111259

A selective guidebook describing the bouldering in the eastern side of the Alps in northeast Italy, Austria and southern Germany, including Zillertal, Maltatal and the Dolomites

Aree: Hochkalter-Massiv , Blockwelt Sudelfeld

1 - 30 di 57 pubblicazioni.

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