One of the most popular climbing areas in the Nort-eastern part of Romania, due to its quality limestone, variable route difficulty, and types, as well as being much cooler in the summertime.


Due to its mountainous character, this climbing area experiences a wide palette of meteorological conditions, and especially wind (because of its exposed position) but despite that, it can still provide a viable season of up to 6 months per year.

To that end, the general consensus is that the start of the season is around the end of March, up until late October, with June and July featuring the highest amount of precipitation. However, due to the prevalence of wind year-round, as well as the shifting position of the Sun across the multiple crags, most routes dry up considerably quickly.

For the most accurate on-site conditions, it is advisable to contact the local mountain rescuers' headquarters (Salvamont Rarau), which is conveniently located at about 15 minutes from the crags.

Access issues

The three main access roads to the Rarau climbing area are located either in the Chiril, or Pojorata Valley, and lately, also the Izvorul Alb Valley. Each road features decent conditions, suitable for most vehicles.

Care must be taken when attempting access early in the season (February-April), as depending on the snow conditions, these roads might be temporarily closed. Again, it is advisable to contact the local mountain rescuers' headquarters (Salvamont Rarau).


Considering its "massif" type and characteristics, the Rarau climbing area and crags feature quite easy and fast access to and from each. Following the tourist trails, which feature trail markers that are in good condition, one can easily access almost all crags.

The main trail that encompasses all the crags is marked with the Blue Cross, and following it you'll basically go around all crags.

Aside for Peretele Cotetului, Criza, and Piatra Soimului, all the other crags can be reached using the aforementioned trail, the exception being the Berii crag, which will require a small detour.

Where to stay

Accommodation is available in the Chiril or Pojorata valleys, as well as the Rarau Alpine Hotel, located right near the crags, as well as in the (unofficial) campsite, located in the vicinity of the mountain rescuers' headquarters (Salvamont Rarau), in the same meadow.

Care must be taken when opting for the campsite, as grazing is still carried out in the meadow, and encounters with sheep, cows, and shepherd dogs are very likely. Last but not least, mosquitos are a real concern during summertime, as well as in the local spring, whose waters are of questionable quality, and are not recommended for consumption. Bringing your own drinking water is highly advisable.


History timeline chart

The development of the climbing area started back in the 2000s', and during the last 23 years, it has seen several peaks, especially when multiple editions of the "Rarau Climbing Open" contest were hosted in the area.

As of late, the development has reached a certain degree of stagnation, with new routes being put up intermittently, by one of the main developers and route setters of the area - Nicolae Durnac, whose experience, knowledge, and dedication to maintaining the climbing area make him the unanimous caretaker in the Rarau climbing area.

Those seeking additional information regarding climbing in the area, and more, are advised to contact him directly, at: +40 740 25 96 57, or nicolaeolaedurnac at


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