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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully The Apartments
14 One Bolt Wonder


First wall on RHS of gorge, 3/4 of the way along. Small face with lateral seam and single bolt above. Climb starts directly under the bolt for 14, or start on RHS of bolt for 12/13. Climb straight up. 1BR

FA: John Fattore, Richard Lawrence, Dianne Harding, Nile & Kristen, 1995

Mixed trad 5m, 1
9 Saving Face

Actually starts L and 5m below the boulder platform. Trend R up the wall and short cracks to the ledge and top.

FA: Paul Francis & Mike Ashton, 1997

Trad 15m
9 Life, the Universe and Everything

Up the short narrow chimney, then up to the ledge and up the slightly overhanging wall on the right. Beware loose blocks on top

FA: Mike Ashton, Sybille Brautigam, Steve Simmons & Jenny Ashton, 1998

Trad 10m
8 So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

Start a metre or so L of the obvious corner on the right of the recessed wall. Up and slightly L via the square-cut notch at the top.

FA: Mike Ashton & Paul Francis, 1997

Trad 10m
8 Mine All Mine

The pretty corner on the right of the recessed wall. Pity there isn’t a hundred metres of it!

FA: Mike Ashton & Paul Francis, 1997

Trad 10m
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully The Nursery
13 Cyclone Racheal

Starts impressively, but then fizzles out. Right of the chimney is a white wall with a thin crack up the middle. Start below this, then break through the overhang, and so on to glory.

FA: FRA: Steve Byer, Chris Hart, Steve Simmons & Mike Ashton, 1997

Trad 22m
9 Fairweather Sailor

Is there no end to these mega-classics? The broken crack and corner system up the LHS of the black wall. Left across the short wall at the clean corner, then stay right of the arête to the top.

FA: Mike Ashton, Jenny Ashton & Chris Hart, 1997

Trad 21m
8 Gentle Breeze

Obvious laid back black wall with numerous horizontal breaks. Climb straight up just about anywhere, following lines of good holds and mega pro (small SLCDs). A “sustained grade 8”, good for beginners.

FA: Alan Caldwell & John Fattore

Trad 20m
13 Weather Vain

For lovers of contrivance… Variant linkup route in the nursery combining 3 existing routes. Start up Cyclone Rachel & through the small rooflet, move across and up the Gentle Breeze slab. Finish up Zephyr. Belay of top block

FA: Stuart Anderson & Melanie Morrow, 2004

Trad 25m
6 Storm in a Teacup

The obvious large right slanting crack system right of Gentle Breeze. Up the crack, stepping left below the roof to belay.

FA: Mike Ashton, Jenny Ashton & Chris Hart, 1997

Trad 20m
9 Gone With The Wind

Start at the left slanting crack 3m right of Storm in a Teacup. Follow the crack towards Storm in a Teacup, but take the face and short flake immediately right of the deep V crack when the two lines merge. Belay as for Storm in a Teacup.

FA: Mike Ashton, Jenny Ashton & Paul Francis, 1997

Trad 18m
10 Zephyr

Start on the rib immediately right of Gone with the Wind. Follow the vague line up and right towards the large fig tree. Up the precarious blocks above staying left of the arête. Belay on top - down climb into the gully to find suitable anchors, then scramble back up.

FA: Paul Francis, Jenny Ashton & Mike Ashton, 1997

Trad 21m
10 Low Pressure System

Up right of Zephyr is a deep crack with a small roof about 2.5m above the ground. Bridge delicately past the roof, then follow the crack more easily to the large fig tree. Good cam placements.

FA: Steve Beyer, Chris Hart & Mike Ashton, 1997

Trad 15m
9 Windsome, Loosesome

The crack immediately right of Low Pressure System, passing right of the tree

FA: Chris Hart & Steve Beyer, 1997

Trad 15m
9 Cool Change

I wish! It’s the arête a couple of metres right of Windsome, Loosesome, but starting at ground level (about 5m lower). Up the indistinct line just right of the rib, then step left and up the front of the last bit.

FA: Paul Francis & Mike Ashton, 1997

Trad 17m
10 Turbulent Waters

Start around the RHS of the last pillar right of the Nursery, a few metres right of Cool Change and just left of the walk down. Wander up to summit

FA: Chris Hart & Steve Beyer, 1997

Trad 18m
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully The Sanctuary
19 Where Dick Goes Down

First line on the LHS of the Sanctuary, named for Richard’s impressive first descent, and remains today as somewhat of a testpeice. Overhanging start with open corner above. If you want to cheat, stick clip the fixed hanger, then grunt, groan and hernia your way to a rest at 5m. Beware of patch of manky water affected choss at mid height. Easily up corner. 1BR

FA: Richard Lawrence, john Fattore & Co

Mixed trad 10m, 1
18 Bavarian Bum Burner

Named after the Ashton’s’ delicious lunch on the day of the FRA. The crack 2m right of Where Dick Goes Down.

Steep, tree roots currently encroaching on crack (2007)

FA: Steve Simmonds & Chris Hart, 1997

Trad 9m
22 The

Thin sharp face to the right of BB. Straight up face past 1 FH to prominent ledge. Interesting finish up RH arête of top block. 1BRThin...

mixture of bolts and small pro needed.

FA: Diabolical Dr Dave

Mixed trad 12m, 1
15 Sweet and Sour

The line of awesome power 5m right of BB, which had repulsed revolted at least two aspirants before finally succumbing. Take a couple of big cams.

14 Mountain Moon

too short

The finger width crack one move right of SS. Short and sweet. Since immortalized by Arullan’s 8 gear placements in 2 metres!

FA: Steve Beyer & Chris Hart

Trad 7m
7 Wide Open Spaces

The first impressive offering by this up and coming pair of talented young superstars. A further move right of MM is a wider broken crack which is chimney width initially. Grovel up it to the pile of boulders, and continue up the right hand line above if you can be bothered. Sounds delightful.

FA: Chris Hart & Steve Beyer, 1997

Trad 20m
10 Safe Haven

Perfect beginner lead, gear, gear and more gear

The best looking line hereabouts. Follow the left hand line steeply at first. The angle then eases before the final vertical section.

FA: Mike, Jenny Ashton... & lil Steve too, 1997

Trad 18m
9 Blood 'n' Bones

Start half a move right of SH. Easily up into the chimney, then grovel through the slot leaving behind as little skin as possible. A No. 4 Camelot (or similar humungous SLCD) at the back of the slot protects it nicely. Don’t even breathe on the horrendously loose horizontal flake!

FA: Mike Ashton, Jenny Ashton & Steve Beyer, 1997

Trad 16m
12 Coupla More Hectapascals

Corner to the right of Rambler

FA: Steve Beyer & Kevin Pettley, 1997

Trad 22m
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully Sports Plus / Vodka Buttress
23 Dingo Direct

Much coveted, seldom repeated. Razor sharp flake on at start through overhang to thinish wall. 1 bolt, rest on natural gear

Start at the immediate left of Where Dick Goes Down, up to the immediate right and over the overhang. No use of Where Dick Goes Down or right of it.

FA: Doug Hockley

Mixed trad 20m, 3
14 Vodka & Orange

Really Fun and a big psych out for the grade. This climb has some loose blocks, but a very good climb nonetheless.

Up the exposed face and overhang that faces the valley on the front of the buttress. Good number 7 nut placement above and slightly right of the first roof section.

FA: Steve Beyer & Narelle Netherway

Trad 25m
17 Gatorade

Stiff at 16, challenging at 17. Great pro.

The obvious crack line through the roof and up the face on the RHS of the face of the buttress (just left around the corner from VO) just left of the arête.

FA: David Shepherd & Steve Beyer

Trad 22m
21 Sports Plus

Possibly the crag classic, very cute technical crux.

Starts under the small roof around LHS of the outcrop, just right of the corner. Up to the roof (solo or small cams). Clip the FH and straight up past 3 more FH’s and small wire/SLCD placements. 4BR,1BB.

FA: Dave Witter & John Fattore

Mixed trad 22m, 2
14 Where Gnomes Roam

Nasty and dangerous downclimb off back of pillar as "walk off"

The buttress wall tapering to a pillar just left of and at right angles to Sports Plus. Up the buttress to ledge, launch straight up following good holds and pro (large cams).

FA: John, Julian Fattore & cast of thousands

Trad 25m
21 Where Dwarves Dig

Belay from ledge at base of hand crack inside of pillar. Climb the crack without stemming or using the left hand wall, through the roof to finish. Taping up essential. Given stars as it is the only pure jamming route in the region.

FA: Chris Jokinen & Zac Watson, 2 Jun 2018

FFA: Chris Jokinen & Zac Watson, 8 Jun 2018

Trad 13m
17 Where Elves Dare

I liked it.... others don't, could be hard for shorter folk

Climb chimney with prominent overhung crack on right hand side behind Gnomes Roam. Exit from chimney through bulge.

FA: Steve Beyer & Chris Hart

Trad 22m
14 Kiwi's Black Labrador

Nice climb, walk off as for Where Gnomes Roam- Nasty

On the left side of GR. Start on ledge about 3 metres up from the bottom, and up the lovely juggy arete to the top.

FA: Neale "Kiwi" Taylor

Trad 25m
20 Black Alien from Outer Space

Thin and improbable looking face with very scarce protection 10m upslope from KBL. Bouldery start leading to crimpy face moves to ledge. Easier but poorly protected finish. Do not attempt without a black alien or SLCD of similar diminutive stature.

Trad 18m
14 Where Top-rope Belays

Crack to the left of BAOS. Straight up obvious line

FA: Dave Witter et al

Trad 20m
11 Close Shave

The next corner left of WTB. Carefully up the groove past some Friend pockets to the ledge. Then follow the crack above and right on better rock. Watch out for paper wasp nests and bats.

FA: Mike Ashton & Paul Francis, 1997

Trad 25m
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully The Leaning Tower of Pizza
12 Finger Lickin’ Crack

Start from the high platform round the back and wander up to the top.

FA: John Fattore & co.

Trad 8m
17 Finger Lickin’ Crack variant

Start from the low platform

FA: John Fattore & co.

Trad 10m
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully High Ground
13 Don't Panic

Best easy line at Hayes to my mind.

This climb takes the obvious and dominant line on this wall. Follows the long left leaning crack. Take small and medium cams. Add a grade for the Ode finish at the Fig Tree.

FA: Chris Hart & Steve Beyer

Trad 27m
15 Ode To a Piece of Green Putty

Start at the shallow corner to rooflet, step right then up, crossing DP then finishing straight up through the face, to the big fig tree to top out at the right of Don’t Panic. Belay and rappel off the fig tree.

Trad 25m
14 Two Wraps around The Fridge

Do it in 2 pitches. Three possible starts 2 at 17 and one at 10/11. second pitch 14 has great exposed traverse to finish.

FA: John Fattore & Dave Witter

Trad 35m
17 The Freezer

Variant pirst pitch on 2 Wraps. Up overhanging crack.

FA: Stuart Anderson & Chris Hart, 2004

Trad 10m
14 Blue Sling

Obvious large crack 4m right of the Freezer. Up Easily at first followed by graceful but exposed moves at mid height. Squirm or bridge the easy off width finish. Large SLCDs!!

FA: Oreina Orrantia & Steve Beyer

Trad 25m
14 Dirty Mother

Horrid looking crack immediately right of Blue Sling. Apparently better than it looks. Named after a notorious night at the pub.

FA: Anthony Whitten & Annie, 1999

Trad 25m
13 Nookery of Nuts

Starts 10 or so metres right of DM. Cheeky start leads to small ledge, followed by easy climbing to distinctive grey elephant hide section aat 2/3 height. This is the aforementioned “Nookery” of nut placements. Finishes to the left of yet another fig tree. Quite an enjoyable outing in all.

FA: Chris Hart & Kiwi, 1999

Trad 20m
15 Echo Vandal

Heading Past Ode and DP (Don't Panic) to the left you will see a distinctive wall that starts with a smooth orange rock and changes to a sea of chicken heads at around 4m Line traveling up the middle of the face.

Trad 25m
18 Who Dunnit?

Further up the creek is an impressive orange wall with a line of 5 fixed hangers up the middle of it. Big moves on bug holds, can be pumpy if you don`t find the rests.... Beware the caves!

FA: John Fattore & Dave Whitter, 1997

Mixed trad 30m, 5
16 I Dunnit

Beautiful and obvious line left of WD. Start in the square cut corner at ground level, up onto the ledge and follow the crack up until under the roof. Intimidating and exposed exit moves under the roof.

Set by Steve Beyer & Oreina Orrantia

Set by Steve Beyer

Trad 25m
20 Absolutely Ashley

Starts 1m left of Who Dunnit, then continue up orange wall to small ledge at the base of the corner crack on I Did It. The route continues up wall to the left of the large corner crack on ID.

FA: Neale ìKiwiî Taylor, Chris Hart & Levi Farrand

Trad 20m
19 Princess Chelsea

Start on the right of Whipping Boyís deep Chimney. Follow small crack system up to roof. Strenuous moves on small holds around roof. Finish on same ledge as AA.

FA: Neale ëíKiwiî Taylor, Chris Hart & Justin Trevorrow

Trad 12m
17 Whipping Boy

Start up the line of weakness on the back wall of the dark chimney to the right of Big Spender. Tough moves to small ledge above chimney. Finish up obvious v shaped corner. Deduct a grade if you stem in the chimney

FFA: Neale "Kiwi" Taylor

Trad 20m
16 Square Root of -x

Start up Whipping Boy, to small ledge, traverse from here completely across ëíTestosterone wallî, taking the line of least resistance. Finish up the end of Mr. Giggles.

FA: Stuart Anderson & Justin Trevorrow

Trad 25m
23 Big Spender

Pumpy and strenuousl start under the steepest part of Testosterone Wall, 3m to the right of Mr. Giggles. Finishes straight up on easier ground.

FA: Chris Hart, 1999

Trad 18m
21 Mr Giggles

Face immediately right of obvious arête and chimney. Climb up arête onto block. From block head right onto face and straight up, move left sticking close to arête and past overhang to top. First piece of pro slung from horizontal crack to 4m above ground. Will be three star when we get a bolt Col!

FA: Chris Hart, 1999

Trad 18m
23 Mr Giggles Direct

Excellent (and Dynamic) direct start to above climb added by Doug on a recent visit

FA: Douglas Hockley

Trad 18m
22 Dr Huff and Puff

Climb the steeply overhung arête to the left of Mr. Giggles. Strong and unlikely moves lead to more delicate climbing. First piece of pro slung from horizontal crack to 4m above ground.

FA: Chris Hart, 1999

FA: 1999

Trad 18m
13 Panel Van Thang

Climb slabby rounded corner which is the left face of the chimney to top.

FA: Chris Hart & Justin Trevorrow, 1999

FA: 1999

Trad 18m
17 Don't Scratch

Start in frequently sandy “V” shaped corner at base. Go straight up and and stay on face through some thinner stuff to reachy and committed move at the top. Quite a satififying, if underrated climb.

FA: Chris Hart & Justin Trevorrow

Trad 18m
12 Route One

Begin 7 metres right of Route 2. Easily up to stance, layback to hold on left, then straight up the dirty vegetated crack. Fairly unpleasant really.

FA: John Fattore & Dianne Fattore, 1997

FA: 1997

Trad 8m
15 Route 2

Really fun climb just right of MAC is a face with a fig tree (how unusual!). Start in layback crack left of R1, step right and through small stepped roof onto face past fig tree. Finish up crack system and over another small rooflet. The summit is a very popular urination point for the local wallaby population.

FA: John Fattore & Dianne Fattore, 1997

FA: 1997

Trad 14m
14 Marriage and Commitment

The last reasonably high outcrop on the RHS of the gorge - look for the small bulging overhang at about 10m with no. 1 SLCD crack. Start around to the left of the overhang in corner crack. Up the ledge, step right onto face, up to the bulge. Breathe deeply and walk down the aisle. The D minor of Hayes Creek.

FA: John Fattore, Dianne Fattore & Dave Witter, 1996

FA: 1996

Trad 14m
16 Green Ant Crack

I don’t know anyone who has tried this prehistoric nightmare, but Steve assured me it has been climbed. The large trench that is half strangled by a fig tree to the right of the the GAG wall.

FA: Steve Beyer

Trad 14m
17 Green Ant Gully

Perhaps Kiwi’s finest moment at Hayes Creek. Follows shallow seam up beautiful creamy coloured slab 30m left of MAC. Past small roof and up to single BR at about halfway. Thin and balancy moves on crimps to ledge level, then haul those jugs to glory. A Really satisfying climb, which curiously has very few Green ants (unlike some other climbs). Obvious descent gully to the left. 1BR

FA: Kiwi

Mixed trad 13m, 1
19 Chris's Arete

Sharp overhanging arête on left hand margin of GAG wall

FA: Chris Hart

Trad 13m
19 Kiwi's Overhang

Looking just to left of GAG you will see a very prominent roof with ripply sandstone underneath. One strong move straight over and that’s it. Nice cams under roof. Short but by all accounts quite stiff for the grade.

FA: Neale “Kiwi” Taylor

Trad 8m
13 Heart Starter

Walk around the bottom of Kiwi’s overhang to end of main RHS wall, scramble up the scree slope. Start easily up to horizontal seams and vertical cracks. Continue up. So named after Justin dislodged very large loose block which was subsequently removed from the top of the climb

FA: JustinTrevorrow & Michael Kobier

Trad 8m
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully Upper Right Hand Side
14 Hob Nail Boots

Initial moves on nice creamy coloured face have a bouldery feel. Move past small horizontal break to ledge. Finish up hanging corner with slightly awkward exit.

FA: Neale “Kiwi” Taylor & Stuart Anderson

Trad 11m
13 Escape from The Cave

Start is from elevated block 5m left of HNB. Up obvious vertical crack line to prominent cave. Do not enter this cave if possible! Exposed moves out and around small roof.

FA: Neale “Kiwi” Taylor & Stuart Anderson

Trad 10m
Top End Hayes Creek Trad Gully Left Hand Side
19 Thin Tidings

The delicate face above the tiny roof between two cracks. Climb straight up through the right end of the roof, keeping out of Butt Crack (right). Once through the roof move left onto the face, still keeping away from Butt Crack and the arête to left. 3BR

FA: John Fattore, Julian Fattore & Richard Lawrence

Mixed trad 15m, 3
16 Butt Crack

Vertical crack line just to the right of TT’s tiny roof. Follow crack straight up 11m to ledge, scramble up small chimney to finish. Quite a good climb really, that often gets bypassed.

FA: John Fattore & Richard Lawrence, 1995

Trad 17m
13 Riding the Rim

Immediately on the right hand side of Butt Crack. Follow pillar to top.

FA: Kelly Hansen & Andrea McGlade, 1999

Trad 21m
12 Close Me Down

7m right of RTR and around the corner.Follow crack from below belay block to top.

FA: Nicole Partington & Chris Hart

Trad 21m
15 Ramsay Street

Begin on ledge 5m right of ground force. Mantelshelf to small ledge then up lovely left leaning orange face. Easy jugs to belay near not quite shady enough figtree.

FA: Steve Beyer & Beth Martin

Trad 18m
15 8 Bit Snake

Named after the huge snake anchor required at the top due to loose rocks. Start on thin crack right of waterfall, head up and traverse left following path of least resistance. Then go straight up to the top of the pillar above waterfall.

FFA: Chris Jokinen & Brenton Georgiades

Trad 28m
10 Backyard Blitz

Starting 2m right of ground force, bash your way up arête next to large root system to grassy ledge (The aforementioned backyard). Steep moves on jugs to belay on top block.

FA: Chris Hart, Karina & Owen Schebella

Trad 16m
19 No Man's Land

To many this is the best climb in the valley. Certainly Jules and Jules’s finest moment here. Climbs the distinctive blackened 3rd wall on the RHS of the crag past the Amphitheatre and waterfall. Slightly overhanging face set back into cliff. Start below and left of first BR. Up and right to first BR, up past 2 more BR’s, left and up to finish on ledge. So named after it repelled all male attempts pre Julie’s ascent claiming it as one for the ladies. A slippery proposition on a hot build up day. 4BR, 1BB

FA: Julie Weston, Julian Fattore & Nile, 1995

Mixed trad 12m, 1
15 Door Mat

Crack line 5 m right of No Mans Land. Tricky start on face below beginning of crack, follow crack up to ledge. Crack starts thin and gets wider and easier with height.

FA: Richard Lawrence & John Fattore, 1995

Trad 11m
Top End Hayes Creek Spider Gully

The scary stemming corner, dodgy pro and rock. Not for the faint hearted.

FFA: Cal, 7 Oct 2018

Trad 30m
12 Gully
17 Diagonal Crack

Note: small cams

15 Snake Eyes
Top End Hayes Creek Hueco Valley
14 The Chossbagger's Château

An easy multi with afternoon shade, some patches of soft sandstone.

Pitch 1, Grade 14, 20m: Start at thin crack just right of Arete and make your way up to the obvious belay ledge with a tree.

Pitch 2, Grade 8, 30m: Follow stair case feature to top, once it runs out face the cliff and go straight up to top out.

FFA: Chris Jokinen & Adam Bucca, 19 Jan 2019

Trad 50m, 2
13 Three Lucky Bees

Crack left of main arete. Fun warm up

  1. (20m,13) Stem, layback and chicken wing to comfy cave belay

  2. (25m,13) Through the roof continue cruising up crack

FFA: Adam, Jake & dara, 2 Mar 2019

Trad 45m, 2
14 Do you even navigate bro?

A pleasant mistake, single pitch worth a send.

FA: Chris Jokinen, 27 Jan 2019

FFA: Chris Jokinen & Phil Clarke, 17 Feb 2019

Trad 20m
16 Short attention span

Up corner crack with interesting holds, follow under roof until you can pull though all on right and onto the large crack to top out.

FFA: Chris Jokinen & Adam, 20 Apr 2019

Trad 18m
17 Filthy Clean

Start as for SAS and pull though roof early to go up face/corner to right of pinnacle.

FFA: Chris Jokinen, Adam & Brianna McLarty, 20 Apr 2019

Trad 18m
Top End Emerald Springs Area Base Camp River Left Wall
17 Drone it like that

Start on obvious platform and climb up crack and around roof to tree belay. 60m rope is just long enough for the repel down.

FA: Jake Webb, 9 Jun

Trad 30m
Top End Emerald Springs Area Col's Crag
18 Snake Crack

Up face then traverse left into crack (unprotected). Up crack until it runs out and then traverse right to DBB.

FFA: Jason McCarthy, 2013

Trad 20m
25 Shrimp on the Barbie

Follow the crack heading slightly right to first bolt, continue up the face to an exciting finish. 5 bolts plus trad protection for the lower 1/3 (small nuts and cams up to .75 BD C4).

Set by Jason McCarthy, 19 May 2013

FFA: Jason McCarthy, 8 Jun 2013

Mixed trad 23m, 5
19 Bonnie rumble

Awesome natural line. Climb the crack left of white streak until it runs out. Tricky move to traverse right to gain the flake. climb the double crack and then the left facing corner as it gets steeper and finally onto the face to the anchors.

FFA: Mike De Marco, 2 Sep 2017

Trad 20m
Top End Emerald Springs Area The Tower
19 Zelda and the horseflies

Scramble up to belay on the ledge on the left side of the south face. Up the right facing corner leading to thin cracks. Up the orange face on pockets to a rooflet with a crack. Pull through the rooflet to a belay ledge. Scramble left and descend from gully. Take some micro cams, small wires, standard rack

FFA: Mike De Marco, 1 Sep 2017

Trad 20m
Top End Emerald Springs Area Cypress Wall
Project - Closed (Jason)

Closed Project. Start a 3 meters left of Julbo. Hard boulder start past two fixed hangers to get established in crack/flake. Natural protection up crack, a bit runout through middle. Another boulder problem to finish at Lower off.

Mixed tradProject 2
Top End Emerald Springs Area The Gorilla
15 Congo

Up short arete to ledge, then through 'dark' face first trending left then back to the right until big horizontal break is reached. Escape right onto another big ledge. From there up corner crack then traverse left to fig tree.

FFA: Andreas Roilo

FA: Andreas Roilo

Trad 20m
Top End Umbrawarra Gorge
23 Ankle Anxiety

Large crack running through the roof over the first pool. Start on the raised platform to the left of the main crack, traverse right on lateral seam, mantle the ledge, up face to the roof, out and up following the crack though roof.

FA: Gavin Jensen & Ginnette Harrison, 1993

Trad 12m
21 R Ode To Python

Carrot bolts on this climb are not considered safe and probably will

not get replaced due to their location within a National Park. 2CB

Start: Start from same platform as 'Ankle Anxiety'. Right and up past the 2 BR's to ledge, left and up to finish.

FA: Gavin Jensen, Ginnette Harrison & John Holcroft

Trad 9m
11 Clowns Corner

A popular introduction to the area. Obvious and awesome corner crack leading to tree, right and around corner from 'Ankle Anxiety'. Follow corner crack straight up, step onto

the right hand ledge to finish. Big holds and great pro.

FA: John Holcroft, 1989

Trad 13m
16 Bats & Balls

Wall immediately left of CC. Pick your way delicately up. Small cams and wires help, as do double ropes. Finish up the crack directly below the abseil tree. Great climb.

FA: Chris Cannard, Steve Weiss & John Holcroft, 1989

Trad 10m
15 King of the World

Climb starts 3m left of BAB and climbs left edge of that face past (not through!!) large roof to small tree, traverse left under tree to ledge on the nose of the roof. Finish at the fig tree. Some fragile “dinner plates” at the top, beware. Second by tradition does a chin up off the nose!!!

FA: Neale “Kiwi“ Taylor & Craig 8/00

Trad 15m
19 Purpledickular

Watch the loose rock top of this climb.

Thin crack right of CC. Start left of crack through small overhang then straight up fine crack. Excellent and balancy climbing spoilt only by the poorly protected and slightly chossy finish.

FA: Dave Shepherd

Trad 12m
14 What A Wall

5m right of P lies an obvious crack starting through a juggy overhang. Crack leads to mantelshelf and small left facing corner. Interesting and pleasant climbing.

FA: Chris Cannard & John Holcroft, 1989

Trad 16m

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