A beautiful tropical town in a stunning surroundings with plenty of bouldering and very few routes.


Cairns is a town in Far North Queensland with an abundance of granite boulders, beautiful gorges off bullet hard schist and gneiss, with the odd hidden granite cliff here and there stunningly visible through or above the rainforest. There are a few locally knowledgeable people attending the hotspots of the region often, despite it being seemingly quiet.

It has a tropical climate year round, summer being hotter and with higher humidity, and winter hosting near perfect send conditions. The winter days are also not quite as short as you might find further south so there's more time for sendage between dawn and dusk.

Access issues

Be wary at any coastal or riverside crags for the potential of crocodiles and if you're in the water marine stingers.


Cairns is easily accessible by road from all directions, though the easiest way to get here is by plane, with both a domestic and international airport it's very easy to fly, as well as being cheaper than many other areas in North Queensland to get to.

Where to stay

There are many different levels of accommodation in Cairns, from luxury hotels to camping.


Clean up wherever you go, take your rubbish, or any you find out with you. Brush chalk. So many of these areas are pristine and we should all make an effort to keep it that way.

Clean and brush but don't destroy vegetation. Avoid steel wire brushes if possible.

Tick marks - ok but brush them off when you leave.

Please don't chip holds and do minimise contrived routes.

GEOTAGGING - PLEASE GEOTAG! For any route you create, or know is hard to find add in the Lat and Long in the route details so it shows on the map. Finding routes in the rainforest for example is hard.

Minimise route beta in descriptions to ease onsight attempts.


History timeline chart

According to the old QURANK regional guides (found in the link below), a lot of the early routes and boulders were established by Steve, jari ekstrom, Jason Shaw, and Lee Skidmore for example around 1993.

The area saw a reinvigoration thanks to Cameron Wycherley and Jared Tyerman starting in the mid 2010's, establishing a huge number of new problems around the area. Glen Hayford and Callum Mather further established hard boulders throughout 2020. Nick Murphy then in mid 2020 added many new problems and areas. The developmental potential here will almost always remain great!


Did you know?

Did you know that you can create an account to record, track and share your climbing ascents? Thousands of climbers are already doing this.


Check out what is happening in Cairns.

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