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thecrag.com model of sharing climb beta has been developed with publishers in mind. The model is to distribute climbing information through multiple channels, the thecrag.com's website being one channel.

Publishers may distribute their information through thecrag.com as well. As a participating publisher you will continue to own your content with thecrag.com being a custodian subject to agreement. thecrag.com's web system supports mixed copyrights, where a publisher is in control of their content copyright.

thecrag.com is well on its way to producing a comprehensive global index of areas and routes. We would like to use this index for climbers and publishers to share climbing information in more depth including topos, descriptions, photos and maps. We are busy building the essential web climbing tools to support collection, distribution and publishing of quality climbing information.

By participating in thecrag.com a publisher may benefit by:

  • ongoing contributions to their data (eg new route feed)
  • ascent comment feeds, and community ratings
  • continued ownership of content
  • data management services and additional distribution channels

As a publisher you will be given your own account logins to access and manage your data. Any descriptions, photos and topos a publisher account contributes will be attributed to the publisher under the publisher's copyright.

We can also help with the data entry for a particular publication. Climbers may be assigned a working publication, whereby they can enter area and climb descriptions attributed to that publication (and publisher). By doing so they earn Crag Karma Crag Karma points.

You may participate in thecrag.com without even making your copyright content visible in the thecrag.com's website (ie just access alternate channels).

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