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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
North Pole
Santa's Wall Alpine
Greenland Kujalleq Tiningnertok
Metrophobia Alpine 1700m
Greenland Kujalleq Cape Farewell
5.11 Corned beef

on Shepton Spire

FFA: 2010

Trad 450m
5.11 Condensed milk

on Shepton Spire

FFA: 2010

Trad 450m
5.10 Never again

on Angnikitsoq

FFA: 2010

Trad 500m
5.11+ Chloe

offwidth Angegoq Tower on Quvernit Island

FFA: 2010

Trad 550m
5.11+ The Chinese Gibe

Angegoq Tower on Quvernit Island

FA: 2010

Trad 550m
Greenland Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Ketilfjeld
{UIAA} A3 Via Catalan Alpine
Greenland Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Nalumasortoq
{UIAA} A1 stupid white man Alpine
{UIAA} YDS:5.11b Non c'è due senza tre Alpine
{UIAA} A3 Gold Fever Alpine
{FR} 7b+ A2 La Cura

A 525-meter big wall that ascends the virgin south face of Nalu, one of the peaks that tower high above the Tasermiut Fjord, along with Ula and Ketil

FA: Federica Mingolla & Edoardo Saccaro, Aug 2019

Alpine 530m
Greenland Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Ulamertorsuaq
Artif Route Piteraq Alpine
A3 Piteraq Alpine
A4 Quadrophenia Alpine
A4 Jacques Cousteau Aid
A4+ L'Inespérée Alpine
5.13a South Tyrol Route Alpine
5.12d Moby Dick

FA: Ben Masterson, Didi Langen, Hans Martin Götz, Walter Obergolser, Helmut Gargitter, Kurt Albert † & Stefan Glowacz, 1994

Alpine 1200m
5.12c War and Poetry Alpine
5.10d Magic Tromblon Alpine
{FR} 7c+/8a Quajanaq

Vinicius Todero reports on

FFA: Vinicius Todero & Marcos Costa, Aug 2018

Alpine 1000m, 28
Greenland Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Ketil-Pyramide
5.10a A3 Lost Friends

FA: Thomas Tivadar, 2004

Aid 430m, 10
Greenland Kujalleq Ukallit Qaqqaat bouldering field Zone 1
{FR} 4+ Boulder 1, route 1

Starting as low as possible 1 pad

FA: PierreL

{FR} 5B Boulder 1, Route 2

follow the crag

FA: PierreL

Boulder 1, route 3

follow the crag 3 pads

Greenland Nuuk Sermitsiaq
{UIAA} 6 South face
1 6
2 5+
3 5
4 5+
5 5
6 5
7 4
8 2

FA: Tore Reysheim & Jo Gjedrem, 2009

Trad 8
Greenland Nuuk Cirkussøen Reunion Rock
{FR} 6A Loose flake

The flake high up is really loose, be careful!

{FR} 6B Crimps Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Tower direct Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Aapakaaq arête

sit start

{FR} 6B+ M'Bie

sit start

{FR} 5+ Zip Line

sit start

{FR} 5+ Around the corner

sit start

{FR} 4 Feet'UP Boulder
{FR} 3 Downclimb Boulder
{FR} 4 Shelfs Boulder
{FR} 4+ Heel'up Boulder
{FR} 4+ Shorts

sit start

{FR} 5+ Traverse start corner Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Traverse around

All around the block, start at 'Traverse start corner'

Greenland Nuuk Cirkussøen Block NN1
{FR} 3 NN1

Easy warmup

Dr. Stozle Boulder

Sit start with left hand on a big pinch and right hand wherever can fit. There is a good hold up to the right. Then a hard top trying to stay on the left.

Greenland Nuuk Cirkussøen Block NN2
{FR} 6A Uluru's revenge

Sit start with both hands on rounded ledge, hook right and top out straight above.

Boulder 3m
Greenland Nuuk Cirkussøen
{UIAA} 5+ The Bureaucrat
1 5+
2 4
3 5-
4 5+
5 5-
  1. Fun climb, perfect crack at the beginning od pitch leads to bigger blocks. Good pro placements, some loose areas

  2. Scrambling on grass/rock slope. Poor pro, loose rocks.

  3. So so climbing, interesting move to anchor. Several solid pro, be mindful of traverse rope drag.

  4. Good exposure, follow crack and enjoy the view. Semi-good pro, flaky/crumbling rock.

  5. Airy slap traverse to scramble exit. Semi-good pro, crumbling rock, slippery when wet.

Descent: Head right and follow green hiking trail down to lake.

Gear: Full rack of cams and nuts, slings / extenders, several 240cm slings.

FA: Martin Schjotz-Chr. & Jasper V. Nielsen, 2013

Trad 5
Greenland Nuuk Qajuuttaa
5.8 Blod på Tann

Described as a scrappy route near the town of Igdlúnguaq

FA: Charlie Long, Rune Harjo Jensen & Andreas Widlund, 2019

Trad 450m
Greenland Nuuk Qupik
{UIAA} 6 West buttress
1 4
2 5+
3 5+
4 6
5 6-
6 5
7 3
8 1
9 2 - 3
10 2 - 3

FA: Tore Reysheim & Jo Gjedrem, 2009

Trad 10
Greenland Sermersooq Fox Jaw Cirque Molar
{FR} 7c Disco Fox
1 5c 50m
2 6b 60m
3 6c 30m
4 7a+ 40m
5 7c 40m
6 6b 30m
7 6c 35m
8 7b 45m
9 6b 55m
10 6a+ 60m

FA: Luisa Deubzer, Amelie Kühne, Lea Luithle, Carolin Neukam, Janina Reichstein, Rosa Windelband, Dörte Pietron & Laura Tiefenthaler, 2 Aug 2023

Trad 450m, 10
Greenland Sermersooq Ren Land Grundtvigskirken
{FR} 7a+ Eventyr Trad 1300m, 40
German Route

FA: Stefan Glowacz, Philipp Hans, Markus Dorfleitner, Christian Schlesener & Moritz Attenberger, 13 Aug 2019

Greenland Sermersooq Rignys Bjerg
{UIAA} WI3 Snow Falcon Ice
Greenland Sermersooq Pyramiden
5.10c Swiss route Trad
Greenland Qaasuitsup Upernavik Archipelago
5.12- Brown Balls wall

On a dramatic face halfway between Upernavik and Sortehul

FA: Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto, Nico Favresse & Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, 2010

Trad 400m
5.12+ FR:6c UK:E7 Impossible Wall and the Devil's brew

FFA: Olivier Favresse, Nico Favresse, Ben Ditto & Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, 2010

Trad 850m, 19
Greenland Qaasuitsup Upernavik Archipelago Qaarsorsuaq Island Sandersons Hope
5.11+ Sea Barge Circus

FA: ronwyn Hodgins, Jacob Cook, Jaron Pham, Zack Goldberg-Poch, Kelsey Watts & Angela Vanwiemeersch, Aug 2022

Trad 900m
Greenland Qaasuitsup Upernavik Archipelago Qaarsorsuaq Island Central-southern Cape Apparsuit at Akornat Strait
5.12a Red Chili Crackers

Red wall

FFA: Olivier Favresse & Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, 2010

Trad 350m
5.11 Seagull's garden

FFA: Nico Favresse & Ben Ditto, 2010

Mixed trad 400m, 1
5.11d Flight of the Dodo

FA: Steve Bradshaw & Clinton Martinengo, 2011

Trad 400m
5.10d C1 Don't be Gull-able

FA: David Glass & Andrew Porter, 2011

Aid 300m
{FR} 7a Little Auk

FA: Argentero, Maggioni & Villa, 2012

Trad 450m
5.11 A2 Time is a Construct

FA: Bronwyn Hodgins, Kelsey Watts & Angela Vanwiemeersch

Aid 400m
Greenland Qaasuitsup Torssukatak Fjord
5.11a Å dæven!

A sustained lower wall into an alpine ridge. A description of this climb is available from the AAC:

FA: Rune Harjo Jensen, Andreas Widlund & Charlie Long, 2019

Trad 1000m
5.11 C1 Ægir

Established in a single push on Peak 1303. A description written by Charlie Long, can be found on the AAC here: A description of this climb is available from the AAC:

FA: Charlie Long, Rune Harjo Jensen & Andreas Widlund, 2019

Trad 600m
Greenland Qaasuitsup Oqaatsut Wall

FA: Marcin Tomaszewski & Paweł Hałdaś, 24 Feb 2023

Aid 700m
Greenland Tasiilaq Area
FR:4c Ballad of easy Greenland - Qaaqartavik Trad 200m, 6
FR:5c Un fusil de trop - Unamed place Trad 150m, 5
FR:5c Pilier Suisoq - Aamangaaq Trad 250m, 6
FR:5b Arête des Dômes - Summit 588 Trad 250m, 6
FR:5a La frustration de Marrie Poppins - Summit 588 Trad 150m, 3
Greenland Kulusuk
FR:5c Asavakkit - Honeymoon Wall Trad 140m, 4

Showing all 72 routes.

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