Jakob Schubert

Austria • Sport climber
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About me

I was born in Innsbruck (AUT) and started climbing when I was 12 years old. Soon I developed a huge passion for both competing and climbing outside. Today I´m a professional climber who travels around the world for the best sportclimbs and boulders and still compete at Worldcups and Championships. My greatest successes in competition climbing are:

Lead World Champion 2012 & 2018 Combined World Champion 2018 Bouldering Vice World Champion 2019

Lead Overall World Cup Winner 2011, 2014 and 2018

World record: 7 Lead World Cup victories in a row in 2011

2nd place Boulder Overall World Cup 2013

My achievements in outdoor climbing and bouldering (check my profile for a complete list):

Perfecto Mundo 9b+ in Margalef (ESP)

La Planta de Shiva 9b in Villanueva del Rosario (ESP)

Fight or Flight 9b in Oliana (ESP)

Bügeleisen Sit fb 8c in Maltatal (AUT)

Catalan Witness the Fitness fb 8b+ flash in Cova de l'ocell (ESP)

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Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Red point
168 9c B.I.G. 7 months ago
27 8c+ Jungle Speed 2 years ago
8c+ Lichtjahre 3 years ago
8c+ Victimes del Futur 4 years ago
2 8c+ Black Power about two years ago
53 8c The Valkyrie 7 months ago
8c Cinque Uve 3 years ago
8c Nordic Flower
Boulder Send
152 9A Alphane 4 months ago
66 8B+ Anam Cara 2 years ago
8B+ Unendliche Geschichte 3 years ago
8B+ Catalan Witness the Fitness 6 years ago
Deep water solo Red point
9 9a Es Pontàs 2 years ago
9a Alasha 2 years ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
96 8B+ Shaky Warrior 6 years ago
8B+ Amandla 6 years ago
8B+ Trust Issues 6 years ago
Hueco Tanks
45 8B+ The Gallows
8B+ Esperanza
8B+ Desperanza
Santa Linya
33 9b Neanderthal 5 years ago
9b Stoking the Fire 6 years ago
Valle del Sarca
24 9b Erebor 2 years ago
Magic Wood
17 8C La Force Tranquille direct 3 years ago
8C La Force Tranquille 3 years ago

Climber Performance Rating (CPR) Timelines

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Sport timeline (ascents)

Boulder timeline (ascents)

grade pyramids

Sport 252 ascents

9c 1
9b+ 1
9b 6
9a+ 12
9a 25
8c+ 43
8c 39
8b+ 21
8b 33
8a+ 30
8a 34
7c+ 2
7c 3
7b+ 2
  Onsight   Flash   Red point   Other

Grades: French

Boulder 217 ascents

9A 1
8C 6
8B+ 29
8B 41
8A+ 39
8A 52
7C+ 22
7C 9
7B+ 2
7B 1
7A+ 2
7A 2
6C 2
6B+ 3
6B 1
6A+ 3
6A 1
  Flash   Send   Other

Grades: Fontainebleau

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